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Internships at Spext

Ashutosh Trivedi
We are building some of the most innovative interfaces to manage recordings. We know the art of making awesome products from cutting edge tech. Some of it we develop in house and some we borrow from our friends in OpenAI, Google 😉. Spext has a great combo of both - innovative tech and User Experience.
We always welcome talented individuals to apply for 3 to 6 month internship across teams. We don’t care about your education qualifications or institutes, age and background. Whether you are in school, college, university or taking a break from traditional career.
Just tell us who you are, what you have built so far and what you are looking for? We would be interested to chat if we see you fit. You’ll go through our hiring process and join the team. Our hiring process usually involves an assignment and interview.
Checkout Page for more information.


For interns joining in India, We can can pay INR 10,000 - 40,000 per month, depends on your capabilities 🤘

Who are you looking for?

We don’t have specific JD for internship roles but following is enough bit of information for you to know which internship to apply. If you think you have something to contribute, don’t shy away from applying.
Frontend Engg:
If you like coding Javascript and love UX and design.
Backend Engg :
If you like coding python, c++ and like to deploy on servers and cloud infrastructure.
Might want to spend frustrating hours to understand an open source project and build POCs.
Visual Designers, UI Design :
Work on challenging UX and UI problems, Grow as a creative and sharp individual.
Marketing :
Help in reach-out campaigns, Growth hacking, SEO
Founder’s Office:
Help founders in Hiring, HR and any other operational work.

Why should I join?

Experience a company growing from 0 to millions.
Learn from international founders directly. We are still under 15 people.
Be at the cutting edge of hottest trend in AI: Generative AI & large language models (LLMs)
Learn and explore a problem in depth and autonomy.
Feels like early days of Google.

How do I apply?

Before you apply, Please check our product. Send an email at with following details :
Details of a project you are most proud of?
What are you passionate about? (other then your professional fields)
Have demos and repos of interesting side projects?
Link to Github, Blogs, Twitter profiles 👉
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